We are two activists, writers, feminists, and Europeans from Berlin. Our work focuses on Europe, youth empowerment, gender equality, and social justice.

Ever since meeting at college in the United States in 2008, the two of us talked about society and how it may be improved. What started as late night chats on social imbalances, political systems, philosophy, and history turned over the years into a full-time commitment. While we continue to think and ponder current political questions and problems, we are also constantly looking for ways to carry our thoughts and ideas into a wider world. So far we have published in various national and international newspapers, have presented our ideas and proposal on TV, panel discussions and conferences, and are in regular touch with representatives of NGOs, foundations, ministries, the German government, as well as countless (young) change-makers from across Europe.

We Start Debates

Change Begins with Awareness

We carry our ideas into the world and start debates. Issues we address and addressed were and are gender equality, European youth mobility, intergenerational justice, or political participation.

We Form Alliances

Strong Networks Are Key

We mobilized countless individuals for various causes such as marriage equality, youth empowerment, or social justice. We love to network and build bridges with new friends.

We Get Active

Every Idea Needs Advocacy

Thinking and talking is one side of the coin of change, doing the other. We advocate for ideas and their implementation with politicians, journalists, and civil society actors.

We Are Two Individuals

Vincent-Immanuel Herr
Vincent-Immanuel Herr
Vincent studied history, sociology, and political science in the United States and Europe. His interests include gender equality, European history, youth empowerment, and political theory. At his U.S. college, Vincent served as editor-in-chief of the student run newspaper and to date has published numerous articles in German and international newspapers and magazines.

Vincent’s public speaking record – at conferences, on panels, in TV & radio – in both English and German includes remarks on European youth and identity, the relevance of history, gender equality/feminism, and German/European political developments.

Martin Speer
Martin Speer
Martin studied economics, business administration, and mass communication in the United States and Germany. He has started two companies from scratch, held guest lectures on entrepreneurships at German universities, and expands his growing political and social change network.

Martin has appeared on TV, spoke on the radio, at conferences, and other events primarily on the subjects of entrepreneurship, intergenerational justice, and European identity.

We Are A Team

As HERR & SPEER, we bring together our different backgrounds and interests under the umbrella of a shared wish to better European societies, empower youth, and affect tangible change. Over the years, we were able to figure out how to best split responsibilities and tasks between the two of us. Both of us could not do our work alone, but together we compliment each other and our abilities, thus enabling a wide variety of projects to be manifested.