For us Europe is not simply a continent, but a way of life. Through our research and traveling we have seen Europe from many different perspectives and can’t help to love the beauty of it. In fact, this continent is highly diverse and is home to people with the most different backgrounds, views on life, and expectations, yet there is also something that unites all of us and bonds us together: Rather than our pasts that truly are different and hard to compare, we share a common future. This is not simply wishful thinking, but a logical assessment, as European societies and cultures will only prosper and grow as long as we truly start to think as a European family.

Both of us are interested in finding out more about a Europe after the nation state, as we believe this to be the only feasible option for us Europeans today. Furthermore, Europe’s development can and will be a guiding light for other countries around the world that strive to overcome national borders and engage in unrestricted exchange of people and ideas, finding strength and vision in diversity.

The two of us have met too many bright and driven young women and men, to not know that we are better equipped than ever to tackle the future and make this work. Europe needs us and we need Europe – this is at the core of our work.