“Maybe it’s no coincidence that Europe is named after a woman. Let’s take it as an incentive to think of our continent as a place of gender equality– not just as a theoretical concept, but as a reality on our streets, in our cities and families.”

– Vincent-Immanuel Herr, “Women Are Key to Europe’s Future”, The EUROPEAN, July 22, 2015.

We’re Feminists because…

There are plenty of good reasons to be feminists, especially as men. For us, these four are the most important.

… today, gender equality in Europe is at only 53 percent (according to the European Institute of Gender Equality’s 2012 index). In other words, we waste giant amounts of potential every day. Today, more than ever, Europe needs this potential. So, let’s stop the waste by granting everyone the same opportunities and access.


… violence against women and girls, sexualized mis-representantions, and other forms of misogyny are poisioning our societies. In fact, nobody profits from it in the long-run. Men and boys are equally affected by sexism. Let’s stop it altogether and live and work on an eye-to-eye level.


… plenty of studies (and common sense) prove that societies with high gender equality will also fare better economically, socially, and politically. As a result, anyone, who wants their country to improve in way, shape, or form, should become a feminist.


… first, and foremost, it is the right thing to do!


Supporting the Fight for Gender Equality

Both of us have made the case for full gender equality in Germany and abroad a number of times. We authored several pieces in English and German on the topics of sexism, feminism, and a need for men to stand up for women’s rights.

In the summer of 2015, Vincent published a research article with The EUROPEAN on the societal advantages of improving gender equality in Europe. The English text can be found here.

Early in 2016, the two of us published a guide for men to become feminists with the German ZEIT Online. This article attracted quite a number of attention – not all of which turned out to be positive after all. In fact, the backlash against the text’s basic argument – that full equality needs all of us working together – was surprising. Clearly, the road ahead is still long, but we certainly will travel it and achieve full gender equality eventually.

The ZEIT article also opened up a contact with UN Women National Committee Germany. We are proud to be supporting the wonderful HeForShe campaign and will continue to do our part in promoting male feminism wherever we can.

Please get in touch, if you have ideas, initiatives, and projects in this regard. We are constantly looking for ways to keep working in this direction.